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>> that may sound off during the proceedings. commissioners, we left off on your regular calendar for item 10. the western soma community plan rezoning of adjacent parcels and project. certification of the environmental report. please note that the public hearing is closed. the public comment ended. >> good 567b president fong
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members of the commission. i am andreas conterrace. i am with the planning department. this is the eir for the western soma community plan, rezoning of adjacent proposals and the project. a copy of the draft eir certification motion was distributed with you with the standard document. the draft eir was published on june 20, 2012 and the public hearing was held and public comment closed and the responses document was distributed and published on november 21, 2012. you also have before you a e rata street that has revisions in the environmental documents. there
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are extras copies on the side table for the public. these represent corrections in the e ie.d r and comments and responses document. these text changes do not present any new information that would awlter the conclusions presented in the draft eir and these changes below do not need to trigger to recirculate the eir based on the california environmental act. these corrections include proposed height and bulk district where we have stated 65k or 65x in the eir. the text should read 65b so that is a correction to both districts should read b for all references to 65k. those changes should
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be made on page s4, s8, two-15, two-31, three-19, 4.a-nine and also on page 623 in the greater growth alternative table. there is also one instance where we refer to a height and bulk district that should be changed also to 65b. there is also a small amount of missing text which should be inserted into the comments and responses document and response al1. the full sentence should read "as explained in that response restricted or prohibiting
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parking on 11th street and prevent future conflicts between residential and entertainment uses. as i mentioned these changes present no new information that would alter the conclusions in the draft eir and there is no need to recirculate the documents. in addition i would like to clarify the description for item 12 on the agenda today. since publication of the draft eir the project plans have been further refined. revisions include additional details such as a pedestrian paseo connecting to the loop drive,. a revise the site plan is in the comments and responses document on cnr-67. this is a slightly reduced project for
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410 dwelling units. the overwhelm all commercial leases on. >> >> composed of the following components including retail and office space. this revised project represents a slightly smaller footprint than what was analyzeed in the eir so these changes do not affect the analysis or conclusioned reach in the eir and therefore the analysis remains adequate for purposes of e ir certification. as detailed in the findings before you the evaluation of the issues contained in the eir found plent of the western soma community plan, rezoning of
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adjacent parcels and the project would result in unavoidable environmental impact and project specific and impacts on cultural resources, transportation, air quality and shadow, and cumulative noise impact. therefore the commission would need to adopt a statement of over riding considerations should the commission should to approve the project. we request that the commission adopt the motion that certifies the contents of the report and certifies that they are adequate and accurate and goes along with ceqa and the administrative code. this concludes my presentation until the commission members have
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questions. >> thank you. the public comment portion of on this is closed. opening up to commissioners. commissioner antonini. >> thank you. a couple of things and i think most of my concerns were more properly be brought up during the project itself because they have to do with the zoning. however, there was mention of in a spur letter that had to do with the interest in there being a supplemental eir. it does not affect the certification of this eir, but basically what they say in their letter is that they are concerned, and this fits into some of my later concerns, that a supplemental focus for this eir be done in addition to this to help determining what properties are eligible for state or national registry, and i think that's a very good
2:26 pm
idea, but i don't believe that we have to take that up at this time. i might ask for some advice from the city attorney in regards to that particular issue. >> deputy city attorney. i'm sorry would you mind repeating the question. >> well, the question is this and it's two fold and i'm going to do the same thing with the central corridor, but it was recommended that by spur, and i am sure others have spoken to the same thing, that we really need to survey the entire western soma area, and determine eligibility for the state or national registry and the
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historical commission is also going to have some comment on that, but before they do that it is recommended there be a focused historical environmental impact report dealing with just historical resources, but that's in addition to what we're dealing with today. >> you know i am deputy city attorney burn. i am not specific with that letter and the comments are, so i can't address it in great deal of detail. >> i have a copy of it here. >> staff maybe better able to address it and i can address legal points from that. >> richard clay planning staff. the eir was adopted by the survey by the commission and there was the resources done
2:28 pm
for the whole western soma area and included determinations for the california and the national registers. >> all right. we have a document and it's already in existence and this spur letter is almost two years old at this point and i think we accomplished what we have to do but it's supplemental to this eir. >> the actual document was based on a technical report produced by a consultant so i'm not sure of the contents of the spur letter was but there a historic analysis done and of the area. >> so we have surveys and we know which of the buildings are deemed eligible? >> yes that's correct. >> good. my other thing, and again this is the same kind of question, in regards to the central corridor you know there has been a call for changes in
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height more than what we're approving now, but i think all we can deal is what has been analyzed to date, so that would have to be something that would have to be done in the future but wanted to make sure the avenue exists for that to happen in the future and you could do an additional eir that dealt only with that portion of western soma and then it could analyze the enviromental impacts of different height, bulk that might be the case in the future. >> good afternoon president fong, members of the commission. i am lisa gibson with the planning department. the western soma eir which is the subject of the certification today acknowledged that

December 6, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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